Service Unit  Team & Volunteers

The Service Units are comprised of multiple volunteers who dedicate their time to the enrichment and development of future female leaders and to the adults volunteers who nourish that growth.  

If you are interested in learning more about any of the roles below and how you can help, please reach out to your Service Unit Manager.  We would gladly welcome you to our team!  

Membership Experience Coordination for Caveland Service Area

Felicia Bland (staff) 

(270) 495-4094 

Service Unit Manager for Warren, Edmonson and Butler

Stephanie Beane (volunteer) 

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Recruitment Manager for Warren and Edmonson

Melanie Samuels-Black (volunteer) 

Program & Events Manager for Warren and Edmonson

Ginny Pfohl (volunteer) 

Product Sales Manager for Warren and Edmonson

Tammie Stenger-Ramsey (volunteer) 

Katie Marquardt

Events Team

Becky Valentine

Events Team

Jackie Ferrell

Events Team

Leslie Shockley-Steele

Events Team

Alice Allen

Product Advisor

Regina Pedigo

Day Camp Director

Tracey Dodson

Day Camp Coordinator

Morgan Southard

Day Camp Photographer and Digital Artist

Lori Cline

Business Advisor

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